Monthly Archives: October 2012

So what’s next…?


We had a fabulous trip to FL. We told them about the pregnancy – they wanted a sister (and they got one!)…we stayed in a cabin, went to the mall, went mini-golfing and the beach…! Really connected with those gorgeous, brilliant girls. How I miss them! Sarie wanted us to move closer…and I soooo wanted to say yes! Why couldn’t that of happened in December, when it was actually possible?! Until then, we’ll write and send pictures… ❤

Pregnancy is going well. 22 weeks along – counting down the rest! Hehe. It is a GIRL! That makes two and two for me. Now to just decide on a name…!

Been scrapbooking a lot lately!!! Very exciting. I’m hoping Shannon sends me some of the girls baby pictures…and I have a few of Jake finally done. And lots of “family album” pics done!

I’ll be back soon…!