I dreamt about them last night. It was kinda weird/funny.

We were grocery shopping in FL – Jason, the fam and I, the girls, Shannon, her family and her boyfriend. Shannon took her fam out to the van and Jason went out to Richard’s truck (he had driven it to FL) and I was there checking out with the kids and the girls. WHen I wasn’t looking, I lost the girls. I was freaking out, so I ran and left the kids at the van with Shannon staring at me in the passenger seat. I went back in and found them next to the yogurt. Sarie made them put down their yogurt, but when we were walking back out, Sarina grabbed a tub of vanilla icing and tried to walk out with it. Mike (shannon’s bf) walked in and said “lost the girls, huh?” and I was like “oh no, i knew where they were, just had to come back and get them…slight hiccup” and he said “that’s what happened last time, too”. then we walked out to the van but it was full of the other kids. so i was like “so shannon, do you want me to drive the girls in the truck?” and she said “yeah, you’ll all fit” but the girls didnt really wanna go. they just kinda stared at me. i put my hand out to Sarina..


and then I woke up. I miss them! I love them. I hope they’re doing alright. And I hope we get to see them this summer. ❤


About LaMaMaLa

I have been married to my hubby, Jason, since August 2008. I have three gorgeous children (Jacob,6, Silas, 4, Sienna, 3) and two gorgeous step-daughters (Sarie and Sarina, 12). I'm going to community college for my business degree. I own my own business, PDQ Copy Print and Ship. I waitress part-time at Carrabba's Italian Grill. I scrapbook and listen to music. I am absolutely addicted to energy drinks. I try to be as transparent as possible. I'm "laid back" and "go with the flow." I spend too much of my free time on my bum. I don't have a lot of free time!

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